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So you have a project planned, maybe a move or an expansion within an existing building?  You realize that you will shop for furniture, possibly remove used furniture; maybe have workstations and panels designed,installed, and electrical issues to deal with.  Where do you begin?  Here at NewVo Interiors we understand the ‘timeline’ of working on these projects. We have created some FAQ and timeline estimation so you can have a good idea of just how long a project may take when combining all the factors from beginning to end.

How long does it take to receive your furniture? If you place your order today, it can take as long as 4-8 weeks.  A timeline is essential to avoid many possible mishaps.

Is the delivery cost included in the price of furniture? No, it is an additional charge. Although some companies may advertise ‘free delivery’ it is most likely figured into the sale price because typically a truck, driver, and gas are not free. In addition to delivery costs to your loading dock or doorway, there is also additional cost to have it delivered to your floor or office. Some companies have a maintenance crew who handle packages, some do not, and that is why costs are broken down to what you need or don’t need.

Does the furniture come assembled? No, it comes in packaging in separate pieces, and would need to be assembled by an experienced installer. Any warranties on the furniture can be voided if the furniture is damaged due to assembling it incorrectly. Then there is the removal of all the boxes and trash to consider.

FAQ we need to know

Regarding your building:

  1. Can your place of business accept a large delivery truck? Furniture is transported on a large tractor trailer and if your building does not have access for a large truck then it has to be delivered to an offsite location. Then transferred into a smaller truck that can access your building for delivery. This scenario would cost extra.
  2. Do you have a loading dock?  If you don’t have a loading dock then the truck will need a lift gate to get the furniture off the truck. This is an extra charge.
  3. Do you need the furniture brought into the building?  If yes, do you have an elevator or is there a stair climb?  You also need to take note of the size of the doorway opening, elevator height or how tight is the stairwell for moving large or pre-assembled pieces? All of these scenarios will establish the costs for delivery.
  4. Are you a Union Building? If yes, then a delivery driver or install worker would need to be union. Are there any restrictions on hours of business for a driver or installer? For instance, some buildings only allow access during normal business hours, not before, after or weekends.

Regarding furniture:

  1. Do you need to move, sell or recycle any furniture?  If yes, then scheduling becomes a priority especially if you need to use the furniture up until the time of moving in the new. Trying to sell used furniture can become a hassle. It is generally cost-effective to work with a company who will manage liquidating furniture for you.
  2. Are your workstations Electrified? If yes, then whether it’s removing of used stations, or installing the new ones, it will require a certified electrician.  Not all installation companies are certified electricians, so timely planning is imperative.
  3. Will you need Installation Services? Installation services are always recommended. New furniture arrives boxed and separated by various components and hardware. Typically the install crew will assemble your furniture, place as specified, and remove all the boxes or trash off site.

If you try to perform the assembly yourself most likely it will take three times the amount of your time than you would pay for a professional to do it. Not to mention the aggravation.

Timeline Estimation:

It is recommended that you begin your search for furniture 2-3 months prior to having everything said and done.  You will need plenty of time for selecting furniture, measuring your space, and planning your project alongside your budget.  NewVO Interiors offers all of these services managing your entire project.  A good place to begin on this site for your furniture search are links listed below.

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